Ultimate Guide: Acrylic Paint Price Comparison

All monetary values are in $ (USD). If you wish to understand how the prices were sourced or calculated you can click the links or scroll to the bottom.

The colors shown below are all the same shade of white and/or chosen from the Paint Range Compatibility Chart (the first row). If you click the color name in the table it will take you to the item listing.

✍️ denotes this item was listed in EUR and was converted to USD. Click the icon to see the exchange rate used.

Golden has a substantially bigger pot, which forces you to bulk buy. This biases the price lower. Other paints have bigger pots but those sizes weren’t selected to keep things normalized and fair. This is the smallest Golden makes.

Titanium White
Tamiya$0.15Acrylic X-2 White
AK Interactive$0.17OFFWHITE Standard
Green Stuff World$0.19Nuclear White
Game Color
$0.19Dead White
(VAL72001 / 72.001)
The Army Painter$0.19Matt White
Monument Hobbies
$0.20Bold Titanium White
Kimera Kolors$0.22The White$6.4930
Warcolours$0.22White, ‘one-coat’ fluid paint – basecoating
Model Color
(VAL70951 / 70.951)
Reaper Miniatures
Master Series Paints
$0.25Pure White
Privateer Press P3$0.25Morrow White
Scale 75
Scale Color
Scale 75
Fantasy & Games
$0.29Purity White
Two Thin Coats1$0.33$5.0015
Citadel$0.38White Scar$4.5512

Price Selection

All prices listed in the table above are MSRP (either taken directly from the brand’s website/online distribution channel or the mode/median price is inferred). The table below shows the inherent challenges when listing a price comparison. Different vendors will offer different discounts/pricing and claim different original prices. The column “website” below shows the main URL but if you click it, it will take to the listing.

This whole table is the online pricing of Privateer Press P3’s Morrow white. Things to notice, Discount Games Inc. has different pricing on their website versus their Amazon storefront for the exact same product. Things like what you see below make it hard to compare. I notice $4.50 as a common number (even the euro conversion is close). In this circumstance, I am inferring $4.50 as the MSRP (which means the lower prices would be competitive price reduction – Bertrand model economics at work).

Privateer Press P3, Morrow white

WebsiteListed PriceListed Full Price
(sold by Discount Games Inc.)

Price Calculation

All monetary values are in $ (USD). The prices that were listed in euros (EUR) were converted using the exchange rate of 1,00€ (EUR) to $1.11 (USD).’

1. TWO Coats is pre-release pricing quoted from Goobertown Hobbies’ video at the gaming convention in Nevada. All paints are told to be priced at $5.00 a pot.

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