Tutorial: Speedpaint – Tyranid Broodlord

Please check out Tabletop Minion‘s original video, where he shows and describes in real-time how to paint his Broodlord.


This tutorial involves multiple techniques, from multiple kinds of paints, and multiple kinds of tools. It also involves some mixing of colors as well as layering.

Paints / Primers:

  1. Airbrush your zenithal highlight using Monument Hobbies, Pro Acryl PRIME – Black as a base followed by Monument Hobbies, Pro Acryl PRIME – White
  2. Brush The Army Painter, Speedpaint – Pallid Bone on the limbs and let dry.
  3. Dry brush Monument Hobbies, Pro Acryl – Ivory over the previously painted parts
  4. Mix The Army Painter, Speedpaint – Purple Alchemy The Army Painter, Speedpaint – Hive Dweller Purple at a ratio of 3 : 1 (respectively). Brush the mixed color over the carapace.
  5. Brush the claws with The Army Painter, Speedpaint – Blood Red
  6. Dry brush with Monument Hobbies, Pro Acryl Faded Plum over the corner tops of the carapace (for highlights)
  7. Brush the Citadel, Shade – Agrax Earthshade wash / shade where the carapace meets the body (smooth the color transition). Leave the head untouched by this shade, to retain attention.
  8. Brush The Army Painter, Quickshade – Red Tone into the vents on the limbs, horn, and tongue
  9. I won’t be covering the basing, but the big bone thing he’s on was painted in The Army Painter, Speedpaint – Sand Golem
  10. After you’re done with the base, you have your finished miniature.

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